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"Travel, in the younger sort,
is a part of education,
in the elder,
a part of experience".

Francis Bacon

Citywalkers strives to increase
the value of Milan’s vast cultural heritage
by organizing experience-based
tourism activities
With Citywalkers, the tourist becomes the protagonist in a trip through this booming city’s history and life, discovering
its forgotten parts while gaining a new perspective on those well-known

These aren’t just simple tours; instead they are immersive activities that render it unforgettable – a true experience!

Made in Milan

Citywalkers was born from the initiative of a group of young, enthusiastic lovers of the city in which they live each day, in order to share the enormous cultural patrimony with tourists from around the world.


Allowing yourself to be accompanied with happiness, spontaneity and professionalism in search of the most important monuments, such as those less-travelled - but by no means less-fascinating - corners, by someone who knows all the secrets is the best way to visit, and above all
fall in love with, Milan.



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